Lidl is completely banning popular products

Lidl is completely removing the popular product from supermarket shelves

The discounter has agreed to let the joint contract with Nestle expire.

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Food company Nestle has long been criticized for its way of obtaining water. now it seems Lidl To draw conclusions: From the end of October, the discounter will no longer sell Vettel brand water. According to “store manager” Is Grocery Store One of the most important sales partners for Swiss companies.

A spokesman for the food company said the contract with Discounter would expire at the end of October 2021 “after a joint vote”.

This decision will have far-reaching consequences for Nestle

The reason for stopping the sale is not known. Neither Nestle nor Lidl wanted to comment on the reasons behind the decision, the report said.

For the food giant, however, the end of the contract is an important decision, as Lidl is one of the most important sales channels at Vettel. Germany. The group did not want to comment on other sales options.

Contract negotiations with other sales partners will take place in the usual framework and usually last for several weeks, Nestle said.

Groundwater is sinking due to Nestle

The food company has been criticized for the way the water is obtained for nearly 30 years. Nestlé pumps water from a well in the small French town of Vettel Up to one million cubic meters of water per year.

Criticism : Due to drainage, the place dries up slowly. According to media reports, the groundwater level should fall by 30 centimeters per year.

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Nestle Knows: You’re Pumping Too Much Water From the Spring

The group is also aware of the problem. Ronan Le Fanique, Plant Director at Vettel ZDF: “We have been in this area for several decades. We pump out more water than we can naturally reproduce, which means the water level has been falling every year for thirty years. So there is nothing new in this. “

According to nestle website The company has “voluntarily” reduced water withdrawals: “from 1,000,000 cubic meters, which the regulatory authority has awarded us annually, to 750,000 cubic meters,” it says.


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