Live report in Oyten over 6000 kms in one kayak

Dirk Rohrbach covered 6000 kilometers in a kayak over Missouri and Mississippi.
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of: Petra Holthusen

Dirk Rohrbach covered 6000 kilometers in a kayak over Missouri and Mississippi. At the invitation of Oytener Bernd Jakobs, he reports on this in a live report at the Town Hall on November 25th. © Claudia Axmann

Oyten – 6000 kilometers in a kayak on Missouri and the Mississippi: Hanau adventurer and doctor Dr. Dirk Rohrbach on the longest rivers in North America, from the Rocky Mountains to the Great Plains and the Midwest from the Deep South to the Gulf of Mexico. “In the River: 6000 Kilometers on Missouri and Mississippi Through America” ​​is the name of not only Rohrbach’s book, which was published in 2020, but also of his live documentation, in which the globetrotter and survivalist describes his illustrious journey . Kayak, complete with breathtaking photos.

On Friday, 25 November, Dirk Rohrbach will guest at the invitation of Bernd Jacobs, a canoeist from Oyten, with a live report of “Im Fluss” at the town hall of Oyten. The event starts at 8 pm. Tickets are available for 15 euros in advance at Papier Meyer in Oyten or by e-mail at the address [email protected],

Bernd Jacobs would like to donate the entire proceeds of the evening to a social project in the community. According to his words, the recipient has already been determined, but should only be announced on the evening of the lecture. Five years ago, Jacobs brought extreme canoeist Rohrbach to Ottersburg for a live report; The occasion was the 40th anniversary of the Ottersburg Canoe Club. On Wümme, Rohrbach lets his audience take part in his adventure “Yukon – 3000 kilometers in a canoe through Canada and Alaska” with impressive illustrations and stories. Bernd Jacobs accidentally met Dirk Rohrbach three years ago on the same Yukon in Canada. He was filming his journey with a television crew for a five-part documentary, while Bernd Jacobs himself accompanied two Ottersburg canoe friends on the gold diggers’ trail from Whitehorse to Dawson City on the Yukon, about 740 kilometers. had covered the distance.

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On November 25, Oyten is about to Rohrbach’s “6,000 Kilometers on the Missouri and Mississippi Through America”: in the deserts of California, the 54-year-old built himself a wooden kayak for the journey, then with snowshoes to the source of Montana. walk up to. Went to Missouri and followed the first waterway for 100 miles on a mountain bike before continuing on by boat. The photographer and adventurer “discovered small settlements and pulsating metropolis on the shores of America’s most important lifeline,” as stated in the lecture announcement. He met Native American descendants, musicians, captains, and “River Rats” – “pastoral people who could not imagine life without a river”. Majestic mountains and endless valleys, giant dams and giant freighters, cotton fields and delta blues: Missouri and Mississippi tell many stories on the long journey through the “Heartland of America.”

Dirk Rohrbach talks about his most epic journey ever: “For months alone on the fourth largest river system on Earth. Heavy storm, severe storm, severe heat. Making progress becomes a challenge, a confrontation with the forces of nature and itself, and an unforgettable adventure.

Oyten canoeist Bernd Jacobs (L.) had personally met Dirk Rohrbach in Yukon, Canada, eight years earlier.
Oyten canoeist Bernd Jacobs (L.) had personally met Dirk Rohrbach in Yukon, Canada, eight years earlier. © Archive
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