Lived in Canada: Why did I send my daughter on a student exchange? , regional

Lived in Canada: Why did I send my daughter on a student exchange?  ,  regional

Hanover/Vancouver – About 270,000 Germans go abroad every year. This means that the number of migrants has almost tripled in 30 years and continues to grow.

What’s left behind?

Longing it with Jürgen Hulsch (86). Now! The former head of the department, Victor Residenz, lives in an apartment in Latzen. Build visit.

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The average age of those turning their backs on Germany is 47 years and mostly for professional reasons. Hulsch’s daughter, Annecatrine Shaw, was only 17 years old. Arnum’s girl had two years to graduate when she moved to Canada. That’s 36 years ago! Her father smiles mischievously: “If I hadn’t sent you to a student exchange…”

Jürgen Hulsch often lived in Canada with her daughter. now he can’t do it anymore

Photo: Henning Schaefen

“I was in Vancouver for a week or two. I went to a Valentine’s Day dance and saw Robert. It was love at sight. I knew right away that this was the man I was marrying,” now 53 Says the year old. 1991 Wedding and move. Since then she has only come to Germany for an apprenticeship as abitur and nurse. And of course to visit Dad. Like recently…

Jurgen Hulsch: “I know he’s happy, that’s the main thing. And I’m always very close to him in my thoughts.”

How many kilometers are 8,000 kilometers when a crow flies?

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