Liz Cheney: Trump opponent facing demotion by his own party

Liz Cheney: Trump opponent facing demotion by his own party

A bitter dispute has erupted among the Republican party’s ranks since the November election debacle. It is now becoming clear that the camp will be supporters of the former president Donald Trump In the future, the direction of the republics is likely to dominate. It stems from the case of Liz Cheney.

Early next Wednesday, she may lose her post to proclaimed Trump fan Alice Stephanik. Trump himself recently said: “Liz Cheney is a belligerent fool who has no place in the Republican leadership. Elise Stefanik is a much better choice and she has my full and total support for the post.«

With this gesture, Trump has clearly taken the lead in the House against Cheney. Number two, Steve Scalise spread the situation: “Republicans in the house should get back home in 2022 and focus entirely against the radical socialist agenda Joe Biden And Nancy Pelosi To fight. Ellis Stefanik conspired to fight it. «That’s why he supported Stefnik in the likely vote. However, this is also not undeniable among the radical-conservative sections of the party, As reported by CNN.

Earlier, Kevin McCarthy, the number one leader in power structure, Minority Leader, was quoted as saying about Cheney: “I’ve had enough of him. I have lost my trust. McCarthy said these words on Fox News, believed to have his microphone on. He was fielded by Cheney in February when he could clearly win the initial vote on his post.

Even Trump, the influential lawmaker on Trump’s line, is seeking Cheney’s removal: “It can’t be that he takes 90 percent of the party’s rejecting positions,” he told Fox News. Necessary votes are available for their selection.

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Politician becomes very clear in guest post

For her part, Cheney had called for an offensive on Wednesday. He appealed In a guest post for The Washington Post To get his party colleagues to stand up for real conservative values ​​and get away from the “dangerous and democratic Trump personality cult”.

The conservative politician continued: “The Republican Party is at a turning point.” The party is faced with the decision to join Trump’s “crusade” against a legitimate election result or to vote for the truth and the constitution.

Since the disastrous defeat in the elections, a bitter controversy has arisen in the direction of the Republicans. Trump’s loyalists want continuity of their course and use electoral fraud fairy tales. The other parties, represented by Cheney among others, want to take the party away from excessive authority. She was one of the few members of the party who voted for impeachment proceedings against the former president.

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