Luca Haney in Professional Challenge: Not for Ona and Erich at all!

Luca Haney in Professional Challenge: Not for Ona and Erich at all!

Popular professional challenge from last Friday let’s Dance Instead of. This year, however, was a premiere, because a non professional took part in the competition. singer luca heney (26) danced with his girlfriend christina lufta (31) and secured third place. for professionals ona nechiti (33) and Erich Clany (34), who did not participate in the format in 2021, but it was not a good move: it was for the couple luca Totally out of place!

in his podcast “Dance or Not at All” The two of them analyze last Friday’s professional challenge in the current episode. But one thing bothers them badly. “Why should luca heney Take place on the professional challenge? It’s a no-go for me and I know from other pros that they don’t want it that much either.”MILF driver himself Eric. He and . both ona Like the 26-year-old, but in his eyes the other dancers were denied it – which Luca couldn’t help.

“You can’t leave it in public like this luca a better professional Oksana Lebedev Or Nina Bezubova, ”explains the 33-year-old in the podcast. In her opinion, the two should have danced out of competition. “But please let the legends dance among themselves. […] So the professional challenge was started so that it is not about celebrities, but about professionals”, lead ona And further.

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Luca Haney and Christina Lufta
Ona Natchiti and Erich Klan in “Let’s Dance”, 2018 2018
Ona Natchiti, Profi-Tangerine
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