Major event in Wellington: Thousands cheer for Trump at rally

Major event in Wellington: Thousands cheer for Trump at rally

Big Event in Wellington
Thousands of people cheered Trump at the rally

For the first time in several months, former US President Donald Trump speaks under the motto of “Safe America” ​​at a large event in Wellington. The White House is to be re-occupied in 2024, the 75-year-old said in front of thousands of supporters in the US state of Ohio.

Former US President Donald Trump held a major rally for the first time five months after his term ended. Republicans chanted “Safe America!” in Wellington, Ohio, on Saturday night. performed under the slogan of – “Save America!” or “Save America!” – In front of thousands of followers.

Ahead of him, Trump said Republicans would defeat “radical Democrats” in the 2022 congressional election and win a majority in the House and Senate. After this the White House will be occupied again in 2024. The former president described his successor Joe Biden’s government as a “total catastrophe”.

Trump has repeatedly flirted with a renewed presidential candidacy in 2024 – but has so far not done more than indicated. The former president, who came under criticism from within his own ranks after the storming of the Capitol on January 6, also consolidated his power with Republicans by backing loyal party friends and openly attacking critics.

In Wellington, near Cleveland, Trump stood behind his former adviser Max Miller, who challenged Anthony Gonzalez in the Republican primary for the 2022 congressional election in the Ohio constituency. Gonzalez was one of only ten Conservative lawmakers who voted to impeach Trump after storming the Capitol.

Trump adamant on allegations of electoral fraud

Trump left the presidency on January 20 after his election defeat to Biden. The 75-year-old has yet to admit his election defeat and continues to spread widely fragmented allegations of electoral fraud.

The former president, banned from online platforms after the storming of the Capitol, has given two keynote speeches since the end of his term, at the CPAC Conservative convention in Orlando, Florida, in February and at a meeting of his Republicans in North Carolina. beginning of June.

Now, for the first time, he held a massive rally like in the 2016 and 2020 election campaigns. This should be the start of a whole series of such events. Trump will also visit the Mexican border with Texas Governor Greg Abbott on Wednesday. A difficult course in immigration policy was one of the hallmarks of Trump’s presidency, and the building of a border wall with Mexico, which Biden blocked, was one of his great prestige projects.

Trump remains popular among conservatives

Trump continues to enjoy a great reputation among the conservative base. “I love Donald Trump, the best President of the United States of America,” Laura Benes, 57, told a rally in Wellington on Saturday. She was convinced that Trump had won the November 3 election and was denied a second term through massive electoral fraud.

“The corruption in the US government is so deep that a non-politician (Trump) really has no chance,” Banas said. He expects Trump to run again in 2024. Trump supporter Philip Messi said the former president was “absolutely” the best candidate for 2024. “I’m sure he’ll win.”

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