Mary Magdalene (25) is mad at the airline

Mary Magdalene (25) is mad at the airline


June 02, 2022 – 12:29 watch

Because of the “Tit Bonus”! Fetish model Mary Magdalene (25) didn’t feel like flying to New York City with her 10-pound breasts. An airline dumped in Canadian waters in Toronto (Canada). Logic? Apparently the revealing look of the model.

Mary Magdalene: “I Feel Dehuman”

Woman with “world’s biggest cunt”: Mary Magdalene here at Toronto airport.

© Mary Magdalene, Instagram

There is an Instagram story of the 25-year-old in selfie mode at the airport as well. The fetish model explains to her nearly 110,000 followers what abrupt expulsion means to her.

The model apparently paid under $5,000 (£3,999) to fly to Dallas in the United States. But apparently he didn’t let the cabin crew fly with him. Mary further said that she made it through security but was taken off the plane for wearing headphones and not listening to instructions.

But a young woman with a strong penchant for cosmetic surgery believes her expulsion was because of her looks. Mary told her followers on Instagram: “I got off the plane because I look like this.”

Mary Magdalene, 25, has invested more than $100,000 in cosmetic surgery. The body of the fetish model stands out not only because of its many tattoos, but also because of the huge curves.

appeal to the public

She deliberately went public with her disapproval of her plane: “Please stop discriminating, please, it’s disgusting.” She even makes a comparison: “Discrimination of any kind isn’t good for anyone. If a girl with smaller breasts wore exactly that, she could fly.”

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The airline is yet to comment on the incident. (MWA)

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