Mary Ross: Schlager star now wants her pension

Mary Ross: Schlager star now wants her pension

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Mary Rose finally wants her pension

The shocking news came…

last week marie ross i m BILD am SONNTAG Interviewthat he forfeited his pension. “When my pension notice came, I came to know that I am entitled to 350 Euro a month. I didn’t expect so little money.”

The pop singer involuntarily called the pension insurance company and asked “I will give my pension to someone who needs more money than me”.

But is it really that easy to leave your own pension?

Yes! “Pension from statutory pension insurance is a benefit that is paid only on application. Therefore, no payment is made without application,” says Silke Potin from German Pension Insurance.

However, you cannot influence what happens to the money that you voluntarily give up. “Then,” Potin says, “the same amount remains with the German pension insurance and thus benefits the insured community.”

Has been on the stage for decades: Marie Ross in the Grand Prix preliminary round in 1975

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But the decision to leave the pension can be reversed. “Then payment is made regularly from the month in which the application is submitted. The monthly pension is subsequently increased by a surcharge of 0.5 per cent for each month of commencement of pension.”

Mary Rose would have reached her normal retirement age at 65 years and 3 months, so she would have been receiving a pension for eight and a half years. So your pension amount of 350 euros will increase by 51 percent to about 525 euros.

For the popular singer, who has just published her biography “Aufrecht Gehn: My Dissolute Life”, there is reason to reconsider.

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“Since I didn’t know at the time that the money would not be donated automatically, I will now pay my pension directly,” she tells BILD am Sonntag. “As soon as the payment reaches me, I will pass the money to a good cause myself.”

When applying for a pension, Mary Ross was also afraid of “all the paperwork.” But now help is coming. The staff at German Pension Insurance assists with the application forms.

This article comes from BILD am SONNTAG. Full issue e-paper available Here,

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