McDonald’s: Hackers access internal data

The world’s largest fast food company has become a victim of hackers. An investigation Friday found that strangers had access to a small number of files, some of which contained personally identifiable information, according to McDonald’s. As per the company’s current knowledge, customer data is affected only in Korea and Taiwan.

McDonald’s has hired outside experts to investigate unauthorized activities in its internal security system. Doing so revealed secret data access.

One Wall Street Journal report According to the perpetrators gained access to data from company employees, franchise partners and restaurants in the United States. It was not about sensitive information, but about seating capacity and the size of playgrounds, wrote the paper, citing an internal McDonald’s memo. Business operations have also not suffered.

For once, no ransomware

As per previous knowledge, this is not a ransomware attack, and accordingly there is no ransom demand. Attacks in which files, drives, and often backups are encrypted and can only be re-decrypted for ransom, occur almost every day now.

Just a few weeks ago, a ransomware attack blocked one of the largest gasoline pipelines in the United States. Operator Colonial Pipeline paid a ransom of $4.4 million to the extortionists. Brazil’s world’s largest meat producer JBS came under a so-called ransomware attack last week and paid out $11 million.

The US government shortly afterwards announcedGiving ransomware as high a priority as the fight against terrorism. One of the first successes was that a portion of the ransom money to US officials was paid by the Colonial Pipeline. to seize could.

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