Mick Schumacher: “I like that Guenther pushes me”

Mick Schumacher: "I like that Guenther pushes me"

Canadian GP 2022

Some media believe that Günther Steiner is partly to blame for Mick Schumacher not currently working. The pilot has supported his team boss before the race in Canada. Meanwhile, bad news came from the engineers side. The France upgrade is only available in Hungary.

Mick Schumacher can’t get out of the limelight. The great hope of German Formula 1 fans is still waiting for the first World Championship point after his good rookie season. With his mishaps in Jeddah and Monte Carlo, the 23-year-old has received additional criticism. Even in Baku, nothing came from the first points, but this was mainly due to unreliable technology.

Some media recently suggested that Gunther Steiner was part of the problem. The team boss puts too much pressure on his hero, hence the charge. But Schumacher himself can only laugh about this thesis: “The only pressure I have to bear. I also kind of enjoy the situation. I’ve had to deal with it before. And it was mostly successful in the end.” “

Steiner was also baffled by the accusations leveled against him: “Why shouldn’t I support Mick? He’s part of the team. It doesn’t make sense. We also want him to succeed. Supposedly, we don’t talk.” for each other. We laugh about it right now. Apparently everyone knows better than us.”

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Schumacher only knows the track in Montreal from the simulator.

Steiner patient with Schumacher

The South Tyrolean made sense to his youngster: “It’s not an easy situation for him. The crash in Monte Carlo was followed by races in Baku and Montreal. The best thing he can do in these races is not to do more damage.” . I hope he comes back stronger on tracks that offer a little more room to seek boundaries.”

The team did not set any specific target. Schumacher should calmly focus on his work and gain confidence. Incidentally, the pilot denies that his confidence is shattered: “I have no doubts about my abilities and this year will be a good one. We were a little unlucky. When luck comes back, it’s going to look very different. should.”

There was nothing wrong with reports that Haas wanted to throw the German driver out and only Ferrari prevented him from kicking him out, with the driver and team boss reassuring together: “You should not believe all the rumours,” Schumacher said. rejected. “It was one of the first suggestions my father gave me not to read the news, and I took it to heart.”

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Pilot also tried to get rid of criticism of his lack of support once and for all: “I know the team fully supports me. We grow even closer together through situations like this.” . I always felt supported by Gunther. He pushes me every time. And that’s what I want from a team boss.”

Haas - Formula One - Canadian GP - Montreal - June 16, 2022


The upgrade package originally planned for France will probably only come to Hungary.

Last Haas upgrade in Hungary

Of course, when the first points can eventually be scored also depends on the competitiveness of the car. So far Haas has been relatively frugal when it comes to technological up-gradation. Steiner recently announced a major expansion phase for Paul Ricard. But nothing will happen to it.

“We had originally planned with France, but now it looks like Hungary,” admitted the team boss. “At first we wanted to test something in the wind tunnel. But now we are working with all our might on the parts production.” Steiner did not want to disclose the size of the package. That’s all: “You’ll be able to see the difference in the car. I hope we can make good progress in terms of performance as well.”

Hungarian upgrades are expected to be high. According to Steiner, this is the first and final stage of the expansion of the VF-22. “Then we will focus our attention on next year’s car and are not planning any further upgrades. If we find something else in development that will help us this year, it is possible that we will go back to the current model.” Will produce parts. Up- to date but nothing is planned.”

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