Mini electric car under 8,000 euro – smaller than a smart

Mini electric car under 8,000 euro - smaller than a smart

Alternatives to mopeds and e-bikes and vehicles for the city: Opel is launching the Rox-e light vehicle later in the year. However, the two-seater made of plastic is not entirely new.

SUV Was yesterday, now SUM is coming – at least if it’s later Opel goes. The automaker will start delivering its new Roux-E model in January 2022 at prices starting at €7,990. Opel wants to replace more and more sport utility vehicles in urban traffic with smart urban mobility vehicles.

The Roux-e is easy and small, fully electric and, as a light vehicle, can be driven by young people from the age of 15, Opel said. The model has been redesigned with a new front mask Citroen Ami – After being considered for Opel in Germany, the sister company would not offer this.

home socket charging

For prices between an expensive e-bike and a cheap one small car There is an angular shaped stromer made of plastic. At 2.41 meters long and 1.39 meters wide, it takes up less traffic space than the Smart, and at 7.2 meters its turning circle is smaller than that of any other Opel.

The roughly 500 kg Rocks-e, which riders climb through hinged doors in opposite directions, is powered by an electric motor with only 5 kW / 8 PS. This ensures a top speed of 45 km/h after about ten seconds.

With power from a 5.5 kWh battery, the Rocks-e should travel up to 75 kilometers. The small car then charges over the home socket for up to three hours using the supplied cable. It can only be connected to the Wallbox with an optional adapter, and the fast charging station is barred for that. The Roux-e can be driven by holders of an AM driving license class, which can be acquired at the age of 15.

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