Montana: Bear shot dead after killing female tourist

Montana: Bear shot dead after killing female tourist

A grizzly bear in the northwest of America A woman tourist was attacked and seriously injured. The animal, weighing around 180 kg, pulled the 65-year-old out of his tent in the small town of Owando during the night. Wildlife and Park Administration (FWP) of the state montana Together. A bear was shot dead near the spot on Friday morning. The park administration believes that it is the same bear that attacked the woman. The bear was shot after attacking the chicken coop. The DNA sample of the bear is now to be compared with the sample from the scene of the attack on the woman.

FWP spokesman Greg Lemon said a trap was set to search for the bear. Sometimes helicopters were also used. With less than 100 residents, Owando is a popular transit point for day trippers. It is located in an extensive forested area near Glacier National Park. An estimated 1,000 bears live in the area. “This is not normal bear behavior,” Lemon said. Animals are usually only so aggressive when they are guarding food or their young. So the grizzly was allowed to shoot. Camps in the area have been temporarily closed.

According to the sheriff, the victim, a retired nurse from California, was on a long bike ride with her sister and a friend. The attack took place on Tuesday night when all three were living in Owando.

As soon as the park administration made the announcement, the campers were first woken by the noise of a bear. Then they took the food out of the tent and safely put it somewhere else. The grizzly disappeared again. However, after about half an hour, he returned and attacked the woman sleeping alone in the tent. Her companions were able to drive the animal away with bear spray, but the 65-year-old woman was so seriously injured that she died.

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Grizzlies were once almost extinct and have been under protection in the United States since 1975. The last time a bear attack in the area was in April was in April, with a fatal outcome.

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