more mysterious season 2

more mysterious season 2
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The Netflix series Arcane is a huge hit. So, Riot Games is not only planning Season 2, but also other LoL projects in the form of a series.

The animated series Arcane became a huge hit on Netflix last year. So it’s no surprise that Riot Games has further increased its stake in Fortiche Productions studio, which is behind the series. As a result, not only is Mysterious Season 2 safe, but fans can also look forward to more content from Riot Games.




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in one statement on monday It was announced that Riot Games had a significant minority stake in Fortich Productions. Although the two companies have already worked together, the investment should bring them even closer, especially with regards to Arcane’s second season and potential other projects from Riot Games.

The two companies are already working together on new material. However, there is no exact information yet as to which product will be realized as an animated piece by Riot Games. Other series about the LoL franchise may follow and later linked to Arcane. Ultimately, the Netflix series celebrated tremendous success, suggesting content from more than just the universe.

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However, Riot Games is not only the owner of the successful LoL franchise. VALORANT has also become a huge hit within two years and is popular among the players. This franchise could potentially offer some interesting and exciting material for a suspense genre animated series.

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