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On Friday night, Tesla made interesting changes to Model Y data in its configurator for Europe. First, supervisor @tesla_adri found in the site’s source code that Tesla is producing new versions of it. Soon after, what you can see there as a normal user changed too. A higher range has now been specified for the Model Y Long Range. This also applies to the Performance Edition, with some special features also pointing to the start of deliveries from the new Tesla factory near Berlin this March.

The Model Y now has a range of 566 km. Till then

At the European launch of the Model Y last summer, Tesla could have given its crossover electric car more range. Because even then, a version with a slightly larger battery was approved in the European Union, according to Tesla data for Hong Kong according to WLTP 542 kms with one charge drives away. Instead, it was initially only 507 WLTP kilometers in Germany. As the later configurator change showed, it applied to the Model Y LR with optional 20-inch wheels, with 19 inches it was 537 km.

However, the newly ordered Tesla Model Y should now come with a bigger battery, which is referred to internally as the 5L as per reports. As the new range stood on Friday in configurator 565 kms with 19 inches and 533 kms with bigger wheels. In addition, Tesla states this February as the expected delivery date for both wheel sizes.

On the other hand, the performance variant of the Model Y, which is yet to be delivered in Europe, should be equipped with a bigger 5L battery. Like the predecessor 5C from LG Energy Solutions’ plant originated in China). As per earlier information, this should be enough for only 480 WLTP kms. It is now 514 kms, apparently achieved without much battery capacity. Above all, more specific information for European deliveries of the Model Y Display is available in the configurator from Friday, only after “early 2022” was mentioned.

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Performance Tesla from Giga Berlin?

What’s especially shocking is that Tesla named two different months: According to the website, the Model Y display is expected to be delivered this March in black or white, with the other three colors in May. This fits with rumors that the Tesla Gigafactory in Grunheide near Berlin will initially only produce the demonstration version. It was also said that only black or white paintwork was planned there to begin with. Changes in the configurator can be confirmed.

with this searched @tesla_adri Later in the page’s source code the explicit reference “New Performance Trim Launch in Berlin”. And the start of the electric car factory in March will also be roughly in line with statements from the Brandenburg state government, according to Approval process for the German Tesla project “at the last meter” situated at.

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