More space for top class games

More space for top class games

The area includes the existing Ahorn-Sportpark-Halle as well as the surrounding open spaces. Based on the park, which has been developed since 1984 and was originally built privately by Heinz Nixdorf, the current capabilities are insufficient in view of the intensive use and promotion of top-class sports in the fields of baseball, squash and athletics. . . The planned move is therefore to extend the existing sports hall to the north with a baseball hall as well as strength and athletics rooms.

Scheme for construction of sports houses

The parking spaces to be replaced by this will be compensated by “parking pallets” at the existing parking spaces in the eastern region and will henceforth become a mobility hub which will also include cycle parking spaces and charging stations for e-cars. As part of the “campus concept”, it is also planned to build sports houses to offer overnight accommodation. It is not yet certain whether a hotel complex or a sports boarding school is more suitable.

The concept is also related to the question of how to link existing facilities to new construction measures. Moving the entrance is being considered.

The concept of the complex also included a restructuring of traffic conditions: according to this, a turning hammer is to be built to the north, which would cause the connection to Ahorn-Allee to disappear and a new driveway to be installed instead. The old connection should then be accessible to bus traffic as well as to cyclists and pedestrians. In addition, “semi-public sporting activities” are to be set up in the entrance area, described in more detail by Renate Ahrens, with parkour facilities and climbing walls. A green area in the immediate vicinity should also serve as a communication point. Green areas should also add to the Alme-Aue and existing SCP facilities. In addition, there is currently no bike path connection. Therefore the existing connection on the Ahorn-Allee has to be extended in the direction of the Heinz-Nixdorf-Ring.

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Autumn 2022 is targeted as the starting point

In parallel with plans for the sports park expansion, preparations are underway to rebuild the alpine pastures by the Obere Lippe Water Association. Since the land use and development plan also takes into account the parts of the landscape protection area on both sides of the Alme-au, good coordination between the two projects is very important and is given according to Ahrens. Since the complete reconstruction will still take about a year and construction projects at Ahorn Sports Park will begin only later, autumn 2022 is targeted as the starting point. However, the date depends on how the individual procedural steps go and the development plan is accepted.

Concern among visitors to the information program was the planned cycle path connection, especially in the direction of Elsen, the necessity of which was questioned. Instead, disturbance is to be expected for both the inhabitants and the flora and fauna. However, the visitors present were satisfied with the general ideas and construction measures for the sports park.

Further statements on the planned construction measures, which can also be found in the Paderborn land-use planning portal, may be sent to the city administration in person or online as part of the first phase of “early participation by the public and authorities” . 15 October.

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