Mozilla released Firefox 102.0.1

Firefox 100.0.1 brings better process isolation and bug fixes

Mozilla has released an out-of-order update for its desktop browser, Firefox 102.0.

Download Mozilla Firefox 102.0.1

With the update to Firefox 102.0.1, Mozilla fixes the issue that Firefox on Windows was no longer able to create desktop shortcuts if the website title in question contains a character that is not allowed for filenames, such as a colon. .

When using the dark theme, there is no longer a white flicker when opening the Bookmarks sidebar.

When checking spelling for multiple languages ​​and content with both Latin and non-Latin alphabetic characters, it now works correctly for all languages.

This bug was also fixed where the “Clear cookies and site data on Firefox exit” option would reset itself every time Firefox was started, which was only a performance bug but apparently for users of the option. was confused.

On Windows, the tooltip color has been improved and the Flatpak version for Linux no longer shows a second Firefox icon in the Dock after Firefox starts.

Also fixed two possible causes of crashes along with unwanted scrolling in the web console and an issue related to the automated test puppet tool.

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