Mundan: The video behind the fourth leads to the horror hotel

Mundan: The video behind the fourth leads to the horror hotel

In the fourth video of the horror game Mundan, viewers learn that the Mundan Hotel is just a tribute to The Shining. It actually exists – and it can be haunted. The atmosphere that inspired one-man developer Michelle Ziegler to create Mundun is downright tangible.

Mundan will be available for PC and console on 16 March and is now available for download Steam Added to wish list. Additional backwards videos will be released every two weeks until launch.

A hand-drawn horror game by Hidden Fields, the studio of Swiss programmer and draftsman Michel Ziegler, Mundon will be released for PC and console on March 16, 2021. Mundan is a survival horror game set on the dark side of the Alps. Kardine, a young man, visits the village of Mundoun to learn more about his grandfather’s death, and he realizes that something devilish is troubling the town’s inhabitants. On a journey through Mundan, players solve tricky puzzles and learn more about the village. You should better cope with the dark shapes that are meant to do mischief in the village: when fear rises, a so-called “cause and effect” system begins, making it difficult for players to orient themselves to dangerous situations. it happens.

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