Mutzenich: Party leaders and ministers don’t work at the same time

Mutzenich: Party leaders and ministers don't work at the same time

– The announcement of the return of SPD president Norbert Walter-Borjans has raised questions about the future of co-owner Saskia Esken.

So far she has indicated that she wants to maintain her position; Also, he is considered a potential minister in a new government with the Greens and the FDP. Rolf Mutzenich, the leader of the SPD parliamentary group, has now suggested that he choose one of the two sooner.

SPD federal president Saskia Esken arrives at Citycube in Berlin.
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“I think it’s already challenging enough to focus on one position,” Mutzenich said in Deutschlandfunk’s “Interview of the Week.” “That’s how Saskia Esken started two years ago, eventually asserting this independence. And I believe she is smart enough to know that what was successful two years ago is visible in the future as well. will give.” He expects Essen to explain himself accordingly: “It would be nice that the party also knows what it is about.”

Scholz. strong position next to

A dual act as party leader and minister at the same time would leave the party with potential SPD chancellor Olaf Scholz leaving Esken in a much stronger position – which he could hardly stand. Following Walter-Borjans’ announcement, Scholz himself made it clear that he did not claim his successor in the party leadership. In this regard, Esken’s decision to fill the post of another president is also important, which will have to be balanced between the wings.

In Mutzenich’s eyes, however, the SPD’s dual leadership has proven itself. “I think this dual leadership will continue,” the group leader said. When asked about possible candidates for the presidency of Secretary-General Lars Klingbeil and Prime Minister Manuela Schweisig of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, he kept a low profile. “I don’t want to anticipate a personal decision by two outstanding candidates.” There is time for this too.

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no time yet

Schwesig also leaves everything open. Now is not the time for staff discussions, she said through a spokesperson over the weekend. The SPD has been given the task of forming a federal government, on which all efforts will now have to be made. The illustrious state election winner may have a good chance of presiding over the SPD. For ten years she was vice-boss and most recently for a few months acting president along with other deputy; He had left the party office in 2019 due to his recovery from cancer.

Walter-Borjans told the “Rhenish Post” (Saturday) that he would not reapply for the presidency at the party congress from 10 to 12 December. In 2019, he and Asken emerged as the winners of the widest choice of candidates from SPD members. When he announced his return, he also spoke out against the party leadership moving into the new cabinet. Isolation has proven itself. “As a party leader, a member of the government is always an official spokesperson,” he said.

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