Mysterious disease baffles Canada

Mysterious disease baffles Canada

Dozens of people in a Canadian province are suffering from a mysterious mental illness. It is associated with lobster fishing in the area.

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  • An investigation report of a mysterious disease in Canada has been criticized.
  • He attributes the symptoms (even in 20-year-olds) to dementia.
  • Many people believe that the nervous condition is related to eating lobster.

In the Canadian province of New Brunswick (700,000 residents), a mysterious nerve disease is causing concern: since 2018, 48 people have officially fallen ill with it – however, the number of unreported cases is estimated at 200. Is. Ten people have died due to this disease so far.

The disease causes muscle wasting, dementia and hallucinations. The question of the cause of the disease should be highlighted in an examination report. But the result has faced a lot of criticism.

The authors say that this is not a matter of neurological disease. Instead, those affected are said to be suffering from Alzheimer’s, schizophrenia, cancer or Parkinson’s.

Medical data analyst Matt Beatty was able to take a look at the investigative documents. He is amazed that the mysterious disease has been put into perspective despite the available data.

Because 91 percent of those affected have one thing in common: They consumed lobster before the onset of the disease. Many people in Brunswick make a living from catching shellfish, which may contain the neurotoxin BMAA.

Do you like to eat shrimp?

The government termed it as an insignificant minor matter. This is completely doubtful, »explains the daughter about the “focus”. “From a scientific point of view, it is absurd to dismiss such facts as unimportant.”

In addition, the analysis was performed only two years before the onset of the disease as part of the study. “It can take a good ten years for neurological disorders to appear in the brain,” explains Betty.

What he also finds suspicious: The province was offered more federal money to investigate the disease—which was turned down. « Who says ‘no’ to more money? It literally demands cover-up,” says Betty.

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Those affected are also unhappy with the way the authorities are dealing with the disease. Three years ago, Canadian young Gabrielle showed the first signs of a mysterious illness. Meanwhile she has lost the ability to read and write – she can barely stand or walk. Explosives: Gabrielle is just twenty years old.

Gabrielle vented her anger on the “Canadaland” podcast network: “Officials want to blame known diseases like Alzheimer’s. But 20-year-olds don’t develop dementia!”

Now she’s calling for new studies that include environmental factors. Because many sick people are young and suddenly they seemed completely healthy before showing strange symptoms.

Neurologists believe in unknown disease

Neurologist Elier Marrero is also convinced that there is more to the disease than Alzheimer’s & Co. “We have more and more cases and more and more young patients,” he told Radio Canada.

Marrero was part of a panel investigating the disease. But when it was brought up in relation to lobster fishing, the processing stalled. “We were told not to add any more cases: not to mention any new figures or deaths,” the neurologist said. He clarifies: “I believe there is some unknown disease.”

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