NATO will “protect every inch”

NATO will "protect every inch"

Slovakia is a “strong and well-fortified” NATO country, said Steinmeier during his visit. Given Putin’s threats against the coalition, the federal president is sending a clear message to Moscow.

federal president Frank Walter Steinmeier Warned the Kremlin not to underestimate NATO’s preparedness to defend itself. “Our democracies are strong and strong,” he said on Wednesday after talks with Slovakian President Zuzana Caputova in the city of Koसिसice. “They are ready and able to defend every inch of the alliance area at once.” This surefire sign also goes from those Slovakia Deployed German and Dutch squadrons of Patriot anti-aircraft missile systems.

“Won’t leave Ukraine alone”

Caputova explicitly thanked Steinmeier for Germany’s military assistance. “They say when you’re in trouble, you can tell who your friend is.”

Steinmeier stressed the will of Ukraine Providing help and bearing the burden in solidarity will be essential for a long time to come. “We will not leave Ukraine alone in these difficult times. We must provide assistance – humanitarian, financial and even military.” His “invitation” to visit President Volodymyr Zelensky does not change this. Steinmeier explained that Germany should not lag behind other countries in terms of its services to Ukraine.

The biggest aid in the history of the Slovak Republic

Caputova announces more consignment of weapons for Ukraine. “From the very beginning we have provided military and humanitarian assistance. In terms of volume, this is the largest aid in the history of the Slovak Republic.” According to Kaputova, the current focus is on the sale of the Slovakian wheeled armored howitzer Zuzana. But any are ready for further weapons delivery – provided that their own defense capability is guaranteed.

Slovakia shares a border of about 100 kilometers with Ukraine and fears for its security. Kosice, formerly the country’s second largest city, is also the center of humanitarian aid to Ukraine and the arrival of many refugees from the country. The two heads of state also spoke to representatives of humanitarian aid organizations.

Steinmeier: A Strong Commitment to NATO

With the visit, Steinmeier continued his journey to the eastern side of NATO. so he was already in the last few weeks Latvia, Lithuania and in Poland, He plans to travel in the coming week Romania, He only came into contact with Caputova last September. bratislava Met – then in more peaceful times.

After the Russian invasion of Ukraine, Germany deployed two Patriot squadrons to Slovakia. Together with a Dutch Patriot squadron, they reinforce the eastern flank of NATO. There are currently 230 to 250 German troops stationed at Sliac Air Force Base. The parliament of Slovakia has set an upper limit of 700 soldiers for the German contingent.

“We are committed to a strong NATO,” Steinmeier said. “Our allegiance to the alliance is not merely pretentious, but extremely solid.” Steinmeier wanted to accompany Caputova to meet the German soldiers and have dinner with them before going back to Berlin.

The Patriot system can engage enemy aircraft, tactical ballistic missiles, and cruise missiles. It has a range of up to 68 km. Support from other NATO countries is significant for Slovakia as it donated its S-300 air defense systems to Ukraine in early April.

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