Netto wants to operate without a cash register and copy Aldi and Rewe

Netto wants to operate without a cash register and copy Aldi and Rewe

Supermarket shopping is changing. Big chains like Aldi or Rewe are testing various innovations. One of them is proving its worth.

Dortmund – In recent years supermarket and discounter chains have shown themselves to be open to all kinds of innovations. The company always emphasizes that the customer’s shopping experience is paramount. A major innovation led to changes in Reeve, for example – now also in Netto.

netto marken-discount
Main office Maxhutte-Hadoff (Oberpfalz/Bayern)
founded by Michael Shales
Establishment 1928 in Regensburg

Netto. Big discounter change in

This is the so called pick and go concept. This stipulates that supermarket branches are met entirely without cash registers. NS food newspaper reports that Neto has already acquired the “Netto Pick and Go” brand. However, the group has yet to provide any further details (more here). News about supermarkets and discounters Read on RUHR24).

One possibility to implement a cash register-free system in Netto stores is the Reeve concept in select test stores. For example, “pick and go” was used at a discounter in Cologne. There, customers had to register with their smartphones at the entrance and register the purchase at the entrance. Part of this was, for example, accepting the privacy policy.

New system in supermarkets: Reeve gives details

Only then the purchase became possible. The cameras saw which products ended up in the shopping cart. In addition, the sensors determined which food customers took – and put back if necessary.

“Pick and Go” has already been tested in Reeve.

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According to information from Reeve, this can identify not only products like toilet paper, which can be measured by sensors on the shelf, but also products like freshly brewed coffee.

Aldi: New cash register system being tested

Aldi is also testing a “pick and go” system. Aldi Süd has already announced related trials for a branch in London, and Aldi Nord is now for a discounter in Utrecht. The system should work the same way as Reeve. The in-house app is the central interface in all of the supermarket chains tested.

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Amazon is considered the pioneer of the “pick and go” system. The American company has been running cashless shopping since 2019 – initially for various stores, and also for supermarkets from 2021, for example in Great Britain.

The Amazon system provides the basis for the innovations of Reeve, Aldi & Co. However, there is an important difference. There are Alexa terminals at various points in the Amazon markets to be able to answer customer questions. Actual employees are on site at the mentioned supermarket chains.

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