New details released on investigation against Trump

New details released on investigation against Trump

Updated on 08/26/2022 at 7:36 pm

  • The US Justice Department has released an important document regarding the raid on Donald Trump’s mansion.
  • Many delicate roads had to be blacked out.
  • The former US president is accused of stealing top-secret documents.

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Later Donald Trump’s property search A procedural document has revealed new details about the investigation against the former US president. The Justice Department in Washington on Friday made public the document on the basis of which it was searched by order of a judge. trump Mar-a-Lago, a private estate in Palm Beach, has been approved. About half of the 30+ pages have been blacked out to protect sensitive information.

The document also provides information about the FBI’s initial suspicions against the 76-year-old. According to this, 14 of the 15 boxes of documents Trump had already sent from Mar-a-Lago to the National Archives included Confidential and sometimes top secret documents, 184 documents were classified – 67 as “confidential”, 92 as “secret” and 25 as “top secret”. According to the FBI, confidential documents have been found along with other documents. Therefore, there was reason to believe that there were other classified documents on the property.

Trump apparently broke the law

A judge in the state of Florida on Thursday ordered partial publication of the paper in the public interest. Several media had applied for publication in the court. On August 8, the FBI searched Mar-a-Lago, where Trump has frequently stayed since leaving the White House in January last year. Since he kept records in his personal property, he may have broken the law. Now it is being investigated. Trump is skeptical of political reasons and defends himself with a lawsuit.

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Given the intense pressure in the politically sensitive case, Attorney General Merrick Garland had previously insisted on the release of search warrants and evidence of the confiscated items. According to this, the agents found, among other things, a set of documents classified as “Top Secret/SCI”, which are top secret and can only be seen in specialized government institutions. Of the seized documents, four were classified as “top secret”, three as “secret” and the remaining three as “confidential”.

Trump blames Biden

Investigators searching the former president’s home are considered unprecedented in American history. The operation caused a stir. Trump accused the administration of his Democratic successor, Joe Biden, of using the FBI for political purposes. For weeks he has fueled speculation that he will run again in the next presidential election in just two years. Trump denies all allegations: He claims that all documents were released, so confidentiality was removed. (MSS/DPA)

Former US President Donald Trump wants to use a lawsuit to appoint a neutral auditor after the US Federal Police searched his assets by the FBI.

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