New Google Feature – More Security for Millions of Android Users

New Google Feature - More Security for Millions of Android Users


26. September 2021 – 20:26 Watch

Security functions for millions of smartphones

with smartphone users google android operating system Can expect a new feature in the future. This is reported by the technology portal Accordingly, there should be a new security function that resets the permissions of apps.

The function is called “permission auto-reset”

“Permission auto-reset” is the name of the function which as of now only works with Android version 11. However, the feature is set to be rolled out to more versions this year, including for older smartphones, reports, citing a blog post by Google.

What does the function do?

When you download apps from the Google Play Store, they often have to agree to a number of permissions. For example, these allow apps to access photos, contacts, and other data. If you don’t need the app for a long time, you quickly forget it on the smartphone, many unused apps are not uninstalled, but simply remain on the mobile phone. This can become a security issue if, for example, you don’t see an update with a security hole. In this case, “permission auto-reset” will take effect, reports Accordingly, the device searches for apps that the user has not opened for a long time and then revokes the authorizations granted by the user during installation. If at any point the app is tapped again, the user will have to agree to the authorizations again.

When will Android users get more protection?

According to, Android devices with version 6 or higher should be equipped with the function. However, this may take some time, as there are at least several million devices. Google is currently assuming that the new feature will be available on all devices from version 6 in the second quarter of 2022, according to

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