New Hybrid Art Forms at Festipielhaus Hellerau

New Hybrid Art Forms at Festipielhaus Hellerau

Frankfurt Book Fair 2020 – Was there anything? Of course: host country Canada. It wanted to present its entire culture, measured not only in terms of the bucholz meter and not only on the main. It also includes selected school-clubs on the periphery – one of them on the greenest hill in Dresden, where the Helreau Festival Hall is.

Live from montreal

It now states: “Hybrid – Cutting Edge Canada” and has been declared as a “laboratory, experimental and discourse space and critical stages of global change processes” for art in the digital age, with maternity primarily from Montreal Comes live – local festival for electronic music and digital art “Matke”. Actually, it should have been raging in October 2020 with Cynetart and the audience’s cooperation – but traveling across the pond was also quite bad back then, so it was time to move it again in March.

“But now we absolutely wanted to go through with it,” says Moritz Loebeck, Hellereu’s program manager for music and media, explaining the origins of the surprise. The live festival, generously supported by the Canadian Arts Council and the government as part of the book fair, will now take place on the virtual stage between 8pm today and Sunday. Dresden Time And then, when Montreal is ready, it is repeated again. Virtual galleries, auditoriums and listening rooms can be accessed during the entire festival period, while concerts from Canadian artists are available only during streaming time.

At a small start today you can anticipate and experience the character: Ellen Mongio will be added as Montreal’s Mutech manager, Stephen Dion as ambassador to Canada from Berlin and Moritz Lobeck as hybrid from Dresden . Two concerts recorded by artists living in Berlin also come from here: on Saturday with Sahar Homme, and on Sunday with Deadbeat and Fatima Bara.

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Hybrid box in front of Facepilhaus

Now only life has to be lived. For this reason, a so-called hybrid box is being installed in front of the Festspielhaus, which is to act as a kind of new modular gallery: two foreign containers that could possibly go inside as soon as it is clear what form in Saxony. It is permitted to open galleries in The box is based on collaboration with Dresden Future Laboratory Toran and will continue to present time-based art and future-oriented concepts in the future. The preface is reserved for “Floralia” – imported afresh from the center Pompidou in Paris, where the exhibition premiered in February. It comes from Canadian artist Sabrina Ratté, who lives in Paris, and – according to current plans – is scheduled to open on 18 March.

Best for Last: The program is free, but registration is required – and voluntary donations of succulent nature are certainly welcome, as they remain on site and take advantage of an initiative for material culture and Also possible until 31 March: “Lisa” as it is called, which means “Live in Saxony” and sees itself as “the common voice of clubs and live music scenes”. Can wait for an amount.

March 11 to 14, always 14 o’clock.

today: Opening Hybrid Online Show: Rekha presents Kacho Immortale

Opening hybrid gallery space: Sabrina Ratte, Lucas Paris, Matt Thibido and Marcus Heckman

Friday: Day I Alexis Langevin-Terrault, Pierre-Luc Lacours, T. Gowdy, Jean Tellem (aka Jane Gariappi)

Saturday: Chloe Alexandra Thompson and Aesthetics the other day. Sahasramit, Sahar Homi, Priori aka Francis

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Latteril, Caddy Desbeans-Desmules and Michael Gary Dean

Sunday: Day III eaves, deadbeat and fatima camara

“Those who have been suffering for a year should be our sign of solidarity,” Loebeck emphasized. Their next festival called “Tonlegen” begins in Helleru on April 11, with a focus on Japan with a continuation of the hybrid planned for next spring – both expected with an on-site audience.

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