New process of cartilage replacement available

New process of cartilage replacement available

Articular cartilage defects are not uncommon. Traumatic injuries during sports are often the cause. Physicians have a variety of surgical treatment options – from bone marrow-stimulating techniques to matrix-linked autologous chondrocyte implantation (MACI) commonly used today.

With Spherox® there is now another advancement in this process. A special technique makes it possible to incorporate autologous cells into their own extracellular matrix, forming self-adhering spheroids. The doctor can then insert these arthroscopically. This should simplify the process – for the doctor and the patient. For example, if the defect is behind the kneecap, there is no longer a need to make large reaches of the joint. Hospital stay can be shortened and rehabilitation can be accelerated.

In a head-to-head comparative study, Spherox passed and demonstrated non-inferiority to microfracture, a bone marrow stimulating technique. With regard to points “everyday activities” and “sports and leisure time”, the result was significantly better under Spherox than under microfracture.

Sven Siebenand, Editor-in-Chief

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