New York has the second edition of the Statue of Liberty – Easy Edition

New York has the second edition of the Statue of Liberty - Easy Edition

A relaxed version of Lady Liberty: A second Statue of Liberty has been created in New York, which is similar to the original. Another sculpture is in the middle of the city.

Lakhs metropolis New York There is a second Statue of Liberty temporarily. However, the new “Lady Liberty” does not stand up like her famous twin sister in the city, but leans to one side at Morningside Park in the Harlem district in northern Manhattan. The seven-meter-tall statue by the American artist Zach Landsberg is to be seen by April 2022.

Oracle in New York: The statue is about 25 feet high. (Source: Pacific Press Agency / Imago Image)

According to the American portal “Patch”, the artist created a mixture of statues of Liberty and the giant Buddha statues of Asia. Interaction with the new statue is clearly encouraged. The audience should be able to touch it, climb on it, and sit.

Recently another new statue has been installed in the middle of it Manhattan: American artist Sanford Biggers placed the “Oracle” in a bronze figure about eight meters high, directly in front of the Rockefeller Center. However, it hardly resembles the original Freedom Rope and is more of a new interpretation.

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