November 8 as a move: Advisor: Trump wants to announce his candidacy as soon as possible

November 8 as a move: Advisor: Trump wants to announce his candidacy as soon as possible

November 8 as a step
Advisor: Trump wants to announce his candidacy in the near future

Trump has been flirting with another presidential candidacy for a long time. Now once again that moment has come when he flirts with it through his advisors. After the crucial congressional elections next week, however, this time it may actually be the time.

According to sources close to him, Donald Trump may want to use the expected tailwind for Republicans in congressional elections to announce his candidacy for the next US Presidential election. said three advisers to the former chairman of the Reuters news agency. Advisers said that with the announcement of his candidacy in the coming weeks, he could also slow down potential competitors in his party.

However, he also thought it was possible that Trump could delay the decision to bid for the White House. Initially Trump himself could not comment on this.

A person familiar with Trump’s plans said the former president plans to announce his re-election campaign shortly after next Tuesday’s congressional elections. Trump seeks potential employees. The person said Trump’s team had contacted him to ascertain their interest in working together.

According to surveys, it is likely that Republicans would gain control of the US House of Representatives and control of the Senate, Legislative projects by Democratic President Joe Biden could be blocked for the next two years. Since leaving office, Trump has repeatedly flirted with a renewed candidacy at rallies. “I think Trump will run in 2024,” said one of Trump’s advisers. “He wants the speculation to go on for months,” said another person with ties to Trump.

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