Nuclear agreement: Iran begins enriching uranium in modern centrifuges

Nuclear agreement: Iran begins enriching uranium in modern centrifuges

Iran Put word into action: The Islamic Republic has put into operation new centrifuges for the enrichment of uranium. The president can be seen on a broadcast on state television on Saturday Hassan Rohini | Ordered injection of uranium gas in centrifuges.

With this, Iran is again violating the international nuclear agreement. This only allows older systems to operate at the Natons nuclear facility. At the ceremony, Rouhani reiterated that his country did not have a military background in any nuclear activity.

“We follow the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and have no military goal,” he said. “That is why a peaceful nuclear program is our legitimate right that we will continue to move forward even without foreign aid.”

In the 2015 Vienna Nuclear Agreement, Iran committed to using only the old-generation centrifuge IR-1 and keeping uranium enrichment levels below 4 percent. But after the US withdrew from the agreement in 2018, Iran gradually failed to meet its obligations under the agreement.

According to the Iranian nuclear organization AEOI, the country has enriched 57 kilograms of 20 percent uranium within four months. AEOI claims that it is able to increase the degree of enrichment by up to 60 percent with rapid centrifugation.

Controversy over restrictions in talks in Vienna

Negotiations to revive the nuclear deal in 2015 resumed in Vienna this week with the participation of the United States. US President Joe Biden has promised to return to his country after his predecessor Donald Trump unilaterally signed the contract in 2018. According to negotiation circles, there were disputes over which sanctions against Iran should be lifted.

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Iran insists on withdrawing all punitive measures that Trump imposed after the termination. The United States is clearly not ready for this and is prohibited. This demand leads to a dead end, a high-ranking representative of the US State Department said.

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