Nutrition on Grass and Moss: Women Live for Five Months in the Valley

Nutrition on Grass and Moss: Women Live for Five Months in the Valley

Nurtured grass and moss
Woman lived in canyon for five months

He drank water from the river and ate grass: after five months, a missing woman was found in the middle of a forest in the United States. A search party found a 47-year-old chance – but this is not the only unusual thing about the story.

A woman in the US was discovered in the valley five months after her disappearance. Search parties found the woman in the US state of Utah in an attempt to recover the crashed drone. With this, they were looking for signs of life for 47-year-olds, the British write Guardian.

What seems like a successful rescue operation is clearly not at all what it is. But from the beginning: the 47-year-old was last seen in November 2020. US Forest Service employees discovered his car in a parking lot on the side of a hiking trail about 80 kilometers southeast of Salt Lake City. They were preparing for the seasonal closure of the valley. Search and rescue officials searched the area over the following weeks, but it was not found.

On Sunday, helpers arrived at his camp in the Diamond Thorn Valley when his drone, which was on the lookout for him, crashed. According to the newspaper, when the search party approached the tent, the woman came out. The police later said that now we believe that he is deliberately in the area since November 2020. “He had some food with her and explained that she also ate grass and moss. There was no water problem due to a nearby river.”

Police officer Spencer Cannon said the woman had no physical injuries other than being weak and underweight. “Despite the fact that she survived, it is a difficult life there. We are very happy that we were able to establish contact,” she told local TV stations. When he was missing from the world, according to police, the woman voluntarily appeared in the forest.

After the search, officers took the woman to the hospital for investigation. It was suspected that she would be struggling with mental health problems. Investigators insisted he did not break a law.

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