Obama, Merkel and Trump: These are the people the world will admire in 2021

Obama, Merkel and Trump: These are the people the world will admire in 2021

Obama, Merkel and Trump
The world will praise these people in 2021

According to the results of this year’s survey of admirable women and men – the Obama couple has impacted the world the most. Former Chancellor Merkel has slipped a few places among some newcomers and celebrities. Similarly, Trump continues to meet with great interest.

Michelle Obama is the first most admired women in 2021. this is the result of YouGov. annual survey bywho evaluated the opinions of 42,000 people from 38 countries. This honor is not new to him now, he has dominated this list for three years.

Although this year there is also a second ex-First Lady in the list – Melania Trump is at number 12. Like last year, Hollywood star Angelina Jolie is also at number two. Queen Elizabeth II is also an integral part of the ranking – she ranks third among the most admired women. This makes the 95-year-old the tallest non-American and the only royal on the list. And she’s standing opposite talk queen Oprah Winfrey. He was replaced last year by two women, Obama and Jolie.

Winfrey is followed by actresses Scarlett Johansson and Emma Watson. Former Chancellor Angela Merkel has made some headway and is now ranked eighth on the list of most admired women. She will replace American singer Taylor Swift. Two high-ranking politicians have entered the rankings recently: US Vice President Kamala Harris is ranked 11th and New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is barely on the list with 20th.

Donald Trump Vor Joe Biden

Obama tops the men’s list too: Barack Obama tops the table last year, which should come as no surprise. His former counterpart Donald Trump is currently making headlines with a possible involvement in the storming of the Capitol, but was still able to win the vote and is now 13th. He is far ahead of the current US President: Joe Biden is at the 20th spot on the list.

He is followed by Microsoft founder Bill Gates in second place, football star Cristiano Ronaldo in fourth, actor Jackie Chan in five, Tesla boss Elon Musk in six and Russian President Vladimir Putin in nine.

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