One size too big: ECDC Memming is defeated by EV Regensburg 3: 6

One size too big: ECDC Memming is defeated by EV Regensburg 3: 6

With the defeat of Regensburg’s reigning champion, the Indians return from the Upper Palatinate. Especially in the middle section, Mouse City’s team has little to oppose the new league leader. The position of personnel at ECDC remains tense.

With a long list of troubled players, the Indians traveled to Eyesbren in Regensburg. With the exception of Joey Vollmer, Philippe de Pal and Sven Schimmermacher, all artists could begin the journey, even if Canadian Miles FitzGerald had to give up during the warm-up and the workday ended early.

The hosts determined the game right from the start, as one might expect. With the first majority of the encounter, the Polar Bears immediately took the front when Hager scored 1-0 after Meminger’s position error in the back team. The Indians had a tough time against the top team of Upper Palinet, they had only a few chances and focused on the defensive.

Early in the second twenty minutes, the people of Mouse Town took advantage of one of the rare opportunities and came to equalize with Captain Huhn, which should not last very long. In their own majority, the Indians suffered a fatal loss and had to accept a second loss. The hit was a shot started for a Regensburg offensive that violently hit the Indians with goals from Peter Flache, Andreas Gagenmüller and Constantin Ont. Before the final goal, Lucas Steinhair had already vacated his place between the posts due to injury.

Not much happened in the final third. The Polar Bears worked cleverly and even managed to make it 6–1 thanks to Heider, but Jenny Har नहीं did not allow much in the ECDC box. With the final score in Obliga-Sayud’s new league leaders, Nikki Meier finally scored a few seconds back with a deflected shot.

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The next game for the Indians is already on schedule on Sunday. Along with HC Landsberg, the bottom of the league falls to Huhenberg. Points should be one for the Indians, especially for the coming weekend, when it comes against the top teams of Rosenheim and Celeb.

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