Opened from Berlin to Warsaw: News from the Polish partner district – Districts – Berlin

Opened from Berlin to Warsaw: News from the Polish partner district - Districts - Berlin

Our newsletter, which is now subscribed over 268,000 times across Berlin, brings you the latest and background information from your district. The week always starts with Lichtenberg and Trepto-Köpenick for us. You can order our newsletter from these two districts of Berlin, like all other district newsletters of the Tagespiegel, for free here:,

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Robert Kluges writes from Lichtenberg’s associate district Biaowska:

  • Our writers left for Warsaw from Lichtenberg station. He has obtained journalism scholarships abroad, works as a guest editor and offers, among other things, a look at Beolka, the associate district of Lichtenberg in the Polish capital. Of course, he does not lose sight of Lichtenberg himself and continues to bring everything important from politics, culture, society and sport to the Berlin district. This time these topics included:
  • Online booking not possible: from Lichtenberg to Warsaw by train on bike
  • Alien movie star from the red carpet: A portrait of the Lichtenberg rover “Lunar Quattro”.
  • On request: Two of the best bike shops in the district
  • City councilors want wind turbines on Honike’s tall building
  • festival of diversity
  • Traffic and Climate Festival
  • inclusive sports festival

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Simon Jacobus writes from Trepto-Köpenick:

  • Trepto-Köpenick takes first place in city cycling
  • Martin Weinhold and his unusual path to photography. After several trips, he specialized in portrait photography in everyday working life – in Canada
  • After Years of Litigation, It’s Clear That Partial Demolition of a Weekend Home in New Venice Is Legal
  • Schools are getting tough and there’s no way out
  • Willie Sanger sports facility becomes fit for regional leagues
  • raft fire
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Incidentally, in our newsletters in Lichtenberg and Treptow-Köpenick, and of course in all other district newsletters of Tagspigel, you can mention birthdays or other anniversaries of friends, spouses, relatives, neighbors, co-workers, business partners, etc. , or you yourself can even say a few nice words congratulations.

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