Outrage on Twitter: Macho minister lets wife throw shovel

Outrage on Twitter: Macho minister lets wife throw shovel

Manitoba, Canada – Did he dig his own grave with this photo?

John Reyes, 49, Minister of Economic Development in the Canadian province of Manitoba, posted a photo on Twitter of his wife, Cynthia, using a shovel to clear snow from a road to property.

And does her husband give her a hand? are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that!

The macho minister happily commented on the short message service: “Even after a 12-hour night shift at the hospital, my wife still has the energy to shovel free down the driveway.”

“God bless you and all our frontline fighters,” he praises the hard-working nurse. And adds: “Time to make your breakfast.”

As of Tuesday morning, he has received nearly 45,000 likes for his snapshot on Twitter, and many users have split up. “Why didn’t you do that? What happened to you?” One grumbled. One user is surprised. “She does it when you watch. She does it when you just boil eggs.”

Outrage sparked by Macho minister John Reyes’ (49) tweetPhoto: Twitter

Now there is also an online petition demanding that the nurse divorce her lazy husband.

After a wave of angry comments, Cynthia Reyes felt compelled to defend her husband. “All I wanted to do was shovel that,” she wrote on her apparently newly created profile.

She took her husband's protection: paddling nurse Cynthia Reyes

She defended her husband against online criticism: Scooping nurse, Cynthia ReyesPhoto: Twitter

In Canada, the minister’s slip is ridiculed a lot. One satirical site joked, “Western Canada will see heavy snowfall for the next few days. We’re sending Cynthia.”

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