Pastoral Counselor Anja May Says Goodbye to the Pastoral Room

Pastoral Counselor Anja May Says Goodbye to the Pastoral Room

She really wanted to study medicine after graduating from high school. Also, through her experiences in church and congregation, she realized: wherever people open their hearts to one another – there is God. With this basic belief, he decided on a pastoral, pastoral profession in the Catholic Church. About two weeks earlier, Anja May and eight other pastoral workers were sent by Auxiliary Bishop Ulrich Baum to serve the people in the Diocese of Würzburg.

Women Skills in Management Positions

She is well aware that women in the Catholic Church are denied many leadership positions because of the special ordination of men. As a theologian, she knows the historical and religious background of this development. For her it is not primarily a question of priesthood for women: “I would like the achievements and experience of women in the church to be more appreciated and recognized,” explains the pastoral official. “The potential of women with their special talents, ideas and insights is a great treasure to the Church. The Church is wasting an opportunity if it does not also develop these female competencies in leadership positions.”

New to the Pastoral Room Leadership Team

Looks like the first step in the right direction has been taken. In addition to three pastors Armin Haas, Hans Thurn and Marius Dolny, two women are part of the management team for the new pastoral area in Bad Brückenau: community officers Beit Schilling and Anja May Me to bring the concerns, questions and interests of women to our communities. in,” May said.

In the past six years of her assistance, Anja May has already given many impulses, initiating and implementing projects in the Oberleichtersbach-Schondra parish community. Many know him from religious instruction in the Oberleichtersbach primary school or as a liturgical service leader in parish community churches. The altar boys were particularly committed: “One of the highlights was a 72-hour campaign in May 2019. Modlos Minis contributed to the beautification of the village with several campaigns like cleaning wells, pulling weeds and building banks. The proceeds went in Gaya Minis donated to the non-profit Dominicus-Ringensen-Werk in Bad Brückenau.”

important baptism project

Anja Mai was also a pioneer in the new development of baptismal preparation for parents: “We experience weeks of preparation for the first Communion and Confirmation. In baptism, parents are often left alone. We change this wanted.” The Evening for Baptized Parents has been taking place in day-care centers since 2017 along with Parish Officer Claudia Anon and the parish deaf. In addition to an information evening about the meaning of baptism and its symbolic functions, there is a workshop evening where parents work with pastoral staff to prepare the baptismal service. This naming project was so important to Anja May that she considered it scientifically and evaluated it in her approval work.

For Anja May, direct pastoral contact with people in the communities remains of fundamental importance in all projects and campaigns. “At banquets over the sick or when speaking to baptized parents, I always feel: I have followed my calling and chosen the right profession. Because wherever people open their hearts to one another, there is God. !”

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