Patricia Blanco: She received criticism for photo with homeless

Patricia Blanco: She received criticism for photo with homeless

Patricia Blanco really only wanted to support a aid organization that also cares for the homeless. The selection of his picture received a mixed reaction.

Since 2014, the Andreas Ellerman Foundation of the singer and entertainer of the same name has been caring for “people who, because of their physical, mental or emotional condition, are dependent on the help of others or who are suffering from economic hardship.” A Reality star too Patricia White (50) Campaign for a good cause on Instagram, after all, she’s with the entertainer engaged since june, When choosing your picture, the pop star’s daughter will Roberto White (84) However, more care should be taken. The picture never got undivided approval from fans.

In the above video, only the picture was not appreciated. Even though it was about something completely different: Patricia’s diet success.

Patricia Blanco and Andreas Ellerman pose with homeless people

In the photo in question, Patricia Blanco and Andreas Ellerman can be seen smiling with a homeless man to whom they appear to be handing a bag of shopping. The viewer does not understand why Andreas Ellerman is holding the microphone in the picture. Patricia Blanco writes of the snapshot: “a small consolation” and “poor homeless” and refers to the foundation of her fiancée.

Already knew? Besides Patricia, Roberto Blanco has a second legitimate daughter.
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Many fans scoff at Patricia Blanco’s photo

even though der reality-star Certainly acted in good faith, the public display of human suffering has been rejected by many adherents. “Why do you have to present it like this?”, one fan asks and another fan finds out: “You can do this without Instagram, so it would at least be honest.”

Another follower joins the opinion, writing: “Why do you have to show the homeless with such a smile? Just disrespect. You do well without a photo.”

Other followers praise Patricia Blanco and her fiancée

But there are also fans who really like Patricia Blanco and Andreas Ellerman’s campaign. One user wrote: “Keep up the good work, you are a great team and a great couple.” And another praises: “Thank you. You are such a valuable people.”

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