Patriot Battery Metals launches multiple work program on Corvette-FCI property, James Bay area, Quebec, Canada

Patriot Battery Metals launches multiple work program on Corvette-FCI property, James Bay area, Quebec, Canada

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Vancouver, BC, Canada, August 19, 2021 – Patriot Battery Metals Inc. (“Company” or “Patriot”) (CSE: PMET) (OTCQB: RGDCF) (FWB: R9GA) is pleased to launch a major exploration campaign. The premier Corvette-FCI property (“Property”) in Quebec. The program includes remote sensing, geophysical ground and aerial surveys, as well as prospecting and rock sampling.

“This is a very busy time for us as we are expanding several work events across our Corvette-FCI property. The company was strengthened financially from our recent restructuring and is strategically positioned to aggressively move forward and expand our exploration and discover new lithium, copper and precious metal minerals on our assets. And director Blair Way commented.

The main objective of the exploration is to further test the Alsace and Lorraine possibilities discovered with Cu-Au-Ag Trend Maven in 2019. The surface samples returned 3.63% Cu, 0.64 g/t Au and 52.3 g/t Ag (Alsace) and 8.15% Cu, 1.33 g/t Au and 171 g/t Ag (Lorraine). Field teams will continue prospecting, mapping discoveries along the strike to detail the known mineral, and assessing potential locations for initial drill tests.

Field teams will also continue to research the CV lithium trend. Several occurrences of high grade spodumene pegmatite were discovered here in previous events. The spodumene pegmatites CV8 (4.44% Li2O and 205 ppm Ta2O5), CV9 (4.72% Li2O) and CV10 (1.33% Li2O and 255 ppm Ta2O5) discovered in the FCI West concession became new gold deposits in the year 2019. Therefore the regional trend for lithium deposits needs to be investigated. The company’s discovery in the area resulted in the discovery of a new spodumene-pegmatite district spread across the Corvette-FCI property in which the company owns more than 25 km of potential trend.

The company has also recently started IP geophysical resistivity survey with Cu-Au-Ag Trend Maven. IP resistivity is a geophysical tool widely used in the exploration of gold and base metals and is often used effectively to advance drill targets developed from surface mapping and sampling. The survey will be conducted in an N-10 configuration with 25 wells spaced 100 meters apart and will clarify additional targets for prospecting and define well targets. The company selected TMC Geophysics, a leader in geophysical services, for its Canadian-headquartered mineral exploration area to conduct field surveys. The company also hired Dynamic Discovery Geoscience Ltd., a group of geophysical experts based in Ottawa, ON, to assist with survey planning and interpretation.

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In addition to soil exploration programs, the Halifax, NS company commissioned Korrai with remote sensing on a large portion of the property. KorrAI is an advanced Earth observation company that uses advanced satellite imaging, integrated artificial intelligence and machine learning to identify undiscovered mineralized outflows. KorrAI’s proprietary technologies and processes combine a variety of data sets and integrate analog data from known minerals and other internal company data to identify priority areas. This exploration tool provides an inexpensive and systematic approach to identify targets for further prospects in highly promising trends such as: B copper-gold-silver trend maven and lithium trend in CV property.

The company intends to conduct a high-resolution, helicopter-based, magnetic geophysical survey on the property at close intervals. The survey will improve geological interpretation and identify primary and secondary formations that can characterize many types of mineralization on the property and can act as an additional layer in determining drill targets.

The Company advises that a COVID Management Plan has been developed for this program and that the Company will continue to conduct its regional programs in compliance with all state and provincial and territorial restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic. Mineral exploration is recognized as a major service in Canada and the province of Quebec.

qualified specialist

Darren L. Smith, MSc, PGO, Vice President of the Company and a qualified individual as defined by National Instruments 43-101, oversaw the preparation of the technical information in this news release.

Uber Patriot Battery Metals Inc.

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Patriot Battery Metals Inc. is a mineral exploration company focused on the acquisition and development of mineral projects involving batteries, bases and precious metals.

The company’s principal assets are the 100% owned Corvette property and FCI property (under an option of O3 Mining Inc.) in the James Bay area of ​​Quebec, and the Freeman Creek Gold property in Idaho, USA.

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The Corvette-FCI assets include 100% of the Company’s Corvette Claim Blocks and the FCI East and West Claim Blocks that have been selected for the Company by O3 Mining Inc. The claim blocks are contiguous and have a significant gold-silver-copper-PGE-lithium potential, with samples ranging from 3.1 to 108.9 g/t Au from the outcrop from the Golden Gap prospect and 10.5 g Au/t from the 7 m drill was received. The samples highlight the Alsace and Lorraine target regions with 8.15% Cu, 1.33 g/t Au and 171 g/t Ag in the outcrop and over 6 m in the channel with CV1 pegmatite probability of 2.28% Li2O.

The Freeman Creek property hosts two major advanced targets: Gold Dike Probability over 12 meters with a 2020 drill result of 4.11 g/t Au and 33.0 g/t Ag; and Carmen Creek with probability surface sampling results. including 25.5 g/t Au, 159 g/t Ag and 9.75% Cu.

The company also owns Pontex (QC) Lithium Gold Property, Golden Silica Property, British Columbia and Hidden Lakes Lithium Property (Northwest Territories), in which the company holds a 40% interest, and several other properties in Canada.

For more information, please contact us at [email protected] or at +1 (604) 279-8709 or visit our website at

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for board of directors

“Blair Way”

Blair Way, President and Director

“Adrian Lamoureux”

Adrian Lamoureux, CEO and Director

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