Philippines – Rodrigo Duterte Threatens: “Either Get Vaccinated Or Go To Jail”

Philippines - Rodrigo Duterte Threatens: "Either Get Vaccinated Or Go To Jail"

Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines:

“You have a choice: either get vaccinated or go to jail. Let me tell you, police prison cells are dirty and stinky. The police’s negligence in cleaning will land you there.”

Rodrigo Duderte is known for his words and his tough line against his own people. Philippines President Doesn’t Encourage Vaccination Against Coronavirus – He Threatens.

Rodrigo Duterte, President of the Philippines:

“Get vaccinated or I will get a list of all the people who refuse vaccination from your village heads. Then I’ll inject ivermectin which is actually for pigs.”

The country’s justice minister confirmed Duterte’s statement in retrospect. In his opinion, the president just wanted to make it clear how important it is to get vaccinated early in order to achieve herd immunity.

The vaccination campaign in the Philippines is extremely slow. Since March, only 2.1 of the roughly 106 million people in the Philippines have been fully vaccinated – not even two percent. The reason for this is not just the lack of vaccines. According to a survey, about 60 percent of the population does not want to be vaccinated at all. Presidential threats are accordingly badly received.

mention. Quote:

“I don’t think arrest should be allowed. These people did not commit the crime, so why should they be arrested?”

“As for the arrest: I am against it, it is very harsh.

“It’s very wrong. Arresting people who don’t want to get vaccinated is against human rights. Like me. I don’t want to get vaccinated yet. Will they force me? Even if I haven’t committed a crime.” Will they arrest me? That’s not reason enough.”

Duterte himself gave a live commentary on TV in early May. That, too, should perhaps encourage people to follow his example. Instead, the president was heavily criticized. He had a vaccine administered from China by Sinopharm – a vaccine that was not yet approved in the Philippines at the time.

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