Pop star Lorde wears her hair like a scarf

Pop star Lorde wears her hair like a scarf

Very practical indeed: You always have this accessory with you, it costs no extra money and is durable. Singer Lorde presented her hair as a scarf at an event in New York.

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You have done a lot on the red carpet of this world. Lady Gaga Once depicted in a flesh dress. rihanna Sesame Street-memory look came and an unknown model recently filmed at Cannes Film Festival With a topless look for the vertebrae.

Singer Lorde has now joined the league of extravagant red carpet looks. The 25-year-old made an appearance at the “Guggenheim International Gala” in New York There was a stir in the city. She appeared at the event in an orange strapless Dior dress and paired the robe with diamond earrings. But all eyes were on the artist’s neck. Reason: Her long brown hair was wrapped around her neck in the form of a scarf.

This is how a hair scarf works

Lorde’s hairstylist Cameron Rains posted a photo of the singer’s appearance on the red carpet to Instagram. She called the look a “#hair dupatta”. He also showed another picture on which followers can see how the musician’s hair was tied around his neck.

Rain’s Instagram fans love it, as evidenced by the positive comments. “This hair is everything,” writes someone. Another person says, “It’s really great”. Also: “just wow” or “epic” under Lorde’s picture are other opinions. Will this hairstyle become a trend in winter?

Lorde also appeared at the event in New York City, but according to US media reports, she chose a different outfit for the stage. He was wearing a shining suit. She traded her “hair scarf” for a classic braid.

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