Pope Francis denies cancer rumors

Papst Franziskus dementiert Gerüchte über Krebs-Erkrankung

Pope Francis has dismissed rumors as “court gossip” that he has cancer. in one Interview with Reuters news agency (Monday) He joked about his health condition that he is still alive. His intestinal surgery last year Was very successful. When asked about the cancer rumours, he joked, “My doctors didn’t tell me anything”. In addition, Francis first commented on the details of his knee problems, which have been partly due to use a wheelchair had to do and for one Canceling the Congo trip originally planned for this week led. His doctors told him he could do it only at the end of July. trip to canadaIf he takes care of his knee in advance and further therapy sessions.

Francis says he suffered a “minor fracture” in his knee when he took the wrong step with swollen ligaments. “I’m fine and slowly getting better,” Pope said. The fracture closed again, supported by laser and magnetic therapy. The experience of side effects of general anesthetic during intestinal surgery over the past year is the reason why he has not had a knee operation.

no rapid retirement plan

At the same time, the Pope dismissed rumors of his resignation which, among other things, a . were caused by Announced visiting the tomb of Pope Celestine V. were fired in L’Aquila. Celestine resigned as Pope in 1294., Benedict XVI visited L’Aquila for four years before retiring. Francis said, “The coincidence of all these circumstances made some people think that now the same ‘worship’ will happen again.” “But it never came to my mind. Not at the moment, not at the moment. Really!” However, he will resign if one day his health condition makes it impossible to carry out his duties. But he cannot say when he expects it. “We don’t know. God will tell,” the Pope insisted.

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Francis still hopes to become the first pope to visit Moscow. On Russia’s final request, the Vatican got a reply that it was not the right time for this. Now Francis has indicated that something has changed. “I want to go to Ukraine, but I wanted to go to Moscow first. We exchanged messages about this because I wondered if the Russian President would give me a small window of opportunity to serve the cause of peace. ..” Agency quoted as Pope. After his trip to Canada, it is possible to go to Ukraine, but first he wants to go to Russia to “help in some way”. (FXN)

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