Precious cute: dog and cat behave like best friends

Precious cute: dog and cat behave like best friends

Shouldn’t dogs and cats be able to stand each other? This adorable couple proves the opposite on Tiktok and inspires millions of viewers.

Canada – Dogs And cat’s Shouldn’t be able to stand each other? This cute couple turns out to be true TIC Toc The opposite and thus pleases millions of viewers.

Kat Conan and her best dog friend Serge chuckled at each other and swiftly beat the hearts of animal fans. ©

The current video of the cute duo has already garnered a full 6.7 million views and received over 1.7 million likes within a day on TikTok.

by doing this Clip des users “thatdoggosarge” You can see little Canadian Morky Serge and Cat Conan lying on the bed together. At first the two look at each other face to face, but then the dog turns around and just turns back to his animal friend.

Conan immediately welcomes his friend, wraps his velvet claws around Serge and starts licking his fur. The two then lay there in a spoon position, almost as if there had never been any debate between dogs and cats.

Apparently, small animals can not only look at each other and bark, but also get along with each other very well.

Watch the viral hit video of 2 for yourself! And don’t worry: they both have too many cuddly inserts to look at Instagram- And the TikTok channel has umpteen more clips and photos of the beloved couple.

In addition to the millions of “I Like”, there are also about 15,000 comments from enthusiastic fans under the Cuddle video on Tickcock.

In the posts, many users write that not only how cute they think they are Serge and Conan, but also that they are a bit jealous because their own animals don’t get along so well with each other. Here are some examples:

  • “My heart just burst, so sweet!”
  • “The dog just wanted to be a spoon.”
  • “Oh how sweet, I wish my dog ​​and my cat would have gotten on so well.”

Prior to the viral hit, the video for “ThatDogsGarge” was usually viewed only a few thousand times. Now the small dog and tomcat are almost famous, so more animal clips are sure to follow in the future.

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