ProSieben MAXX will show three “Dragon Ball” movies in June

ProSieben MAXX will show three "Dragon Ball" movies in June

Free tv transmitter Prosiben maxx Recently given knownThat they will air three anime movies in the “Dragon Ball” series next month.

Three “Dragon Ball” movies in June

It starts with the film being aired again. »Dragon Ball Super: Brawley« time June 6, 2019 at 6:15 pm And June 5, 2021 at 12:55 am. The film was last seen on ProSieben MAXX in December 2020, after celebrating its German TV premiere in June 2020.

for 11. June 2021 The broadcaster has planned two original classics: a 48-minute TV special to air at 8:15 pm. »Dragon Ball Z: Son-Gokus Water« Aired with a 6-minute special program from 190 at 9:15 pm the night before. “Dragon Ball Z: Story of Trunks” It goes on.

After the TV airing, three films or TV specials are expected to be available again for a limited time ProSieben MAXX Media Library Available on demand.

“Dragon Ball” movies in June 2021:

June 4 at 8:15 pm: “Dragon Ball Super: Brawley”

movie »Dragon Ball Super: Brawley« will be on June 4 at 8:15 pm. And a few hours later, on June 5, 2021, at 12:55 pm, it was broadcast again on ProSieben MAXX.


Goku and Vegeta are still unaware of the impending danger. After a tournament of strength, there will be peace on Earth, the perfect time for a comprehensive training program on a desert island. But when they are about to help Bulma find the dragonballs, his old nemesis freezer reappears … along with Brawley.

June 11 at 8:15 pm: “Dragon Ball Z: Son-Goku’s Father”

Das TV-special »Dragon Ball Z: Son-Gokus Water« For the first time since 1990, ProSieben can be seen on MAXX on June 11 at 8:15 pm. It is still not clear whether there will be duplication.

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Son Goku’s father, Bardock, is a low-ranking Sai soldier who was given the power to see the future by the last remaining alien on the planet he had just destroyed. Seeing the destruction of his caste, he should try his best to stop the impending massacre of Frieza.

June 11 at 9:15 pm: “Dragon Ball Z: The Story of Tights”

Soon after, but June 11 at 9:15 pm., It goes with the TV special “Dragon Ball Z: Story of Trunks” Continued since 1993. Here too, it is not yet known whether a repeat will be broadcast at a later date.


It has been thirteen years since Android started its extremism and Gohan is the only person fighting back. He takes Bulma’s son Chaddi as a student and even sacrifices his life to save Chaddi. Now the trunks have to find a way to change that apocalyptic future.

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