Protest against conversion plans: Alert strike on Airbus | – News

Protest against conversion plans: Alert strike on Airbus | - News

Status: 17.09.2021 1:21 PM.

Aircraft manufacturer Airbus has gone on strike since 10 am. Background The company’s management plans to split the stakes and merge them into two new subsidiaries.

According to trade union IG Metal, Airbus locations in Hamburg and Buxtehude as well as premium Aerotec locations in Verel are affected by the warning strike. In other places also work should be stopped for 20 hours till Saturday morning. According to IG Metal, about 2,000 people gathered in front of the factory gate in Hamburg-Finkenwedder. “We won’t let ourselves be divided!” and “Safe work for all!” stood on the banner.

Audio: Warning strike against reconstruction plans at Airbus (1 minute)

“We’re getting nowhere at the negotiating table,” said IG Metal Coast district manager Daniel Frederick. Airbus rejects firm commitments to all employees and locations, hence their allegation. Airbus announced in April that about 13,000 employees across Germany would be switching to two new subsidiaries. One of them is to form the torso, the other smaller individual parts.

More than 4,000 workers affected in Hamburg

More than 4,000 workers will be affected at the Hamburg site alone. IG Metal and Works Councils fear that workers will work in worse conditions in the future.

Conversations so far without result

Airbus management and the union have struck a deal twice in the past few weeks – but to no avail. Airbus management showed they were ready to talk in a written announcement. A wide range of offers have been made. For example, employees of new subsidiaries will be paid according to the tariff. IG Metal, on the other hand, said: If Airbus no longer offers, it will not be the last strike.

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IG Metal calls for social collective agreement

Airbus employees taking part in a warning strike.  © NDR Photo: Jatta Prijigoda

Parts of Airbus employees also took part in a warning strike at the Airbus site in Verel in Lower Saxony.

The union is demanding a social collective agreement that regulates the conditions for workers affected by the reorganization. As a protection for the employees, IG Metal demands severance payment of three gross monthly wages per year of employment with a base amount of 25,000 Euro should the employees lose their jobs. According to IG Metal, approximately 13,000 employees at Premium Aerotech in Hamburg, Bremen and Stadt, as well as Nordenheim, Verel and Augsburg, are affected by the conversion plans.

Additional Information

Dark clouds cover the gates of the aircraft manufacturer Airbus' factory in Hamburg-Finkenweder.  © Picture Alliance / DPA Photo: Jonas Kluter

IG Metal Trade Union is disappointed with the second round of talks within a week. (08.09.12021) more

An Airbus A380 lands in Hamburg-Finkenweder.  © Photo Alliance / DPA Photo: Daniel Reinhardt

The giant Airbus A380 ends sooner than expected. The last machine in Hamburg will now be delivered in November. (01.09.2021) more

Airbus plant workers stand in front of the plant's gate and wave IG Metal union flags during an extraordinary business meeting in Hamburg-Finkenwerder.  The German Airbus workforce and IG Metal are against the aircraft manufacturer's conversion plans.  © Photo Alliance / DPA Photo: Daniel Reinhardt

If you get caught up in talks, a warning strike is possible at short notice, the union said. (08/27/2021) more

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