PS5 remaster’s alleged leaked name content and technical details

PS5 remaster's alleged leaked name content and technical details

There have been persistent rumors over the past few months that dark action role-playing game “Bloodborne” will find its way to PlayStation 5 in a modified version.

At the beginning of the new week we received new rumors on the subject, which were circulated by a user named “Damonite”. “Demonite” is the insider who confirmed to “Bloodborne” before the official announcement. Since it’s not clear if we’re dealing with genuine “Damonite” here, you should definitely take the necessary precautions when reading the following information. Still, we don’t want you to block the alleged leak.

New content and tech improvements on PS5?

According to alleged leaks, a modified version of the action role-playing game will be released under the name “Bloodborne: Hunters Edition” and will initially appear for PlayStation 5. An implementation for the PC should happen after six to twelve months. In addition to the main game of “Bloodborne”, all DLC released at that time must also be on board. Along with the expansion of “Canhurst Castle” and “Cathedral Ward” there are new weapons following.

  • Cosmic Revolver (Link Hand)
  • Impact Rifle – Double Barrel Shotgun (Link Hand)
  • The Great One Touch (Link Hand)
  • Kenhart’s Flail (Right Hand)
  • Coldblood Coil (Rachte Hand)
  • cos placenta (right hand)

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Also, there is talk of two display modes on the PS5. So “Quality Mode” will offer displays in 4K, 30FPS and Ray Tracing Shadows. In “Display Mode,” however, “Bloodborne” is to be displayed on PlayStation 5 in native 1440p resolution, which is upped to 4K. At the same time, “Display Mode” offers 60FPS and low-resolution ray-tracing shadows.

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According to the alleged insider, anyone who owns the generic version of “Bloodborne” can upgrade their copy to the “Hunters Edition” for $20. Anyone who owns all of the DLC in addition to the main game should be asked to pay $10, while the upgrade is free for owners of the Game of the Year edition.

The current rumors about “Bloodborne” have yet to be officially commented on or confirmed.

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