Rapper Shireen David busts Bohlen

Rapper Shireen David busts Bohlen

Rapper Shirin David recently canceled participating in “DSDS”.Image: Instagram / shirindavid

Dieter Bohlen made his career Really hung up on “DSDS”. But in July, her return for the talent show’s 20th and final season was surprisingly announced. Pietro Lombardi and Leoni, who, like Pietro, were known through a casting show a few years ago, should also sit next to him on the jury. However, the jury must be completed by one more person: rapper Shirin David.

Cancellation by Shirin David for “DSDS”

However, he did not use RTL . rejected, And that too despite the very high charges. noisy “Picture“, the broadcaster is said to have been willing to pay the rapper up to a million euros. Shirin David still has canceled further participation in the show.

The rapper was already behind the jury desk in 2017, which is why there was no point in asking him again. At that time there was much criticism that their relationship music Missing and he’s just a Youtuberin. That has changed over the past five years: Shirin David has established herself in the music business.

However, Shireen David had already made it clear to “Closer” in 2018 that she had refused to participate in “DSDS” again at the time. He justified it with the content of the show. It was missing “something close, something personal and nothing artificial in material terms”.

Shirin David explains the reason for her cancellation

Apparently, broadcaster RTL hoped for the final season of the show that Shireen David would either give her Opinion That has changed in the meantime or “DSDS” has changed enough over the past five years to satisfy the rapper’s claims.

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dieter bohlen On Saturday shared a screenshot of a report about the rapper, according to which he canceled “DSDS” in his Instagram Story despite the alleged million-dollar fee. Poppetton’s comment: “Crap”.

Shireen David responds to Dieter Bohlen's claim on Instagram that her rejection was due to fees "Nonsense",

Shireen David responded to Dieter Bohlen’s claim on Instagram that her cancellation because of the fee was “nonsense”.Image: Instagram / shirindavid

The rapper responded quickly and then published a chat history with the pop titan on his Instagram profile. In it he asked Dieter Bohlen directly:

“Does RTL not tell you the whole truth or should I send you the contract in black and white?”

Bohlen angrily replied: “(…) there is no settlement between the two sides and the whole thing has nothing to do with me.” And further: “Or you canceled because of me, no!”

Shireen David: This must be the real reason for the cancellation

Shireen David asked again: “But you asked me if I was there and told me I was your first choice?” The pop titan clarified:

“I would have preferred to have you on the jury, but never with your demands.”

Whether this statement refers to fees or other demands is not clear from published news flows. However, Shirin David then explained what was the real reason for the cancellation of her participation in “DSDS”:

“RTL agreed to all my demands, except one: that this jury become more diverse. Four white men at a jury desk doesn’t fit my ideas of a new ‘DSDS.'”

After Shirin David’s rejection, the fourth person on the jury will be discussed further. According to the opinion of some fans, erotic star Katja Krasavis may be brought to “DSDS” by RTL. ,Picture“. Bohlen also shared a screenshot of the article to his Instagram Story and added a tearful laughing emoji.


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