Rebecca Solnit’s books from Canada about Trump

Rebecca Solnit's books from Canada about Trump

Elena Witzek on Rebecca Solnit’s two new books, Tillman Spreckellen on the literature of the descendants of Canada’s indigenous peoples, Trump’s books on Frauke Stephens: September edition of the books of The Podcast.

WWhere Rebecca Solnit’s books “Indicative Behavior. How I Became a Feminist” and “The Art of Being Lost” Together? Elena Witzek read it. What books of original Canadian descendants have just appeared? Tillman Spreckellen presents a selection .What are Donald Trump’s latest books – from his niece, a former confidant and a great investigative reporter? Frauke Stephens on the intentions and consequences of reading three books about the US president.

Fridtjof kucheman

The September episode of the books podcast featured three questions for Boone Barge, a new literary puzzle and a poem by Heinrich Heine.

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