Recall in Alnatura – many products affected

Recall in Alnatura - many products affected

The retailer strongly advises against consuming the recalled products.Image: Picture Alliance/Phototake | Lisa Johanssen

Who doesn’t love watching a series or movie in the evening and eating wasted calories through snacks? If you have crisps or corn rolls at home, you should pay attention to the manufacturer and the best date.

Recall at Alnatura: These Products Are Affected

Organic supermarket chain Alnatura has now recalled corn chips and corn rolls. Cause: Contamination. “Alnatura mise-chips natur”, “mis-chips paprika” and “Masrolchen” are particularly affected. Chip lovers should pay special attention to the date. The products which are mentioned with the best date till December 7, 2022 are affected by the recall. Best Before Date is printed on the back of the pack.

“Buyers of affected products should not eat them as a precaution and may therefore return them to stores where they will receive replacements,” they write. Alnatura in an official statement talk back. For the brand’s other products, however, one is clear: They are not affected by potential contamination.

The affected products were not only available in Alnatura stores, but rave and distribute other supermarket brands.

Potential ingredients trigger minor symptoms of poisoning

This isn’t the organic brand’s first chips this summer: In late June, Alnatura was already recalling corn chips from several best-to-date because of the detection of tropane alkaloids. After follow-up investigation, the recall has now been expanded. Goods have already been withdrawn from sale.

Tropane alkaloids are natural components of some plants that sometimes grow in fields as so-called weeds. During the harvesting of grains, parts of these plants may be involved in production and thus food.

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Still, a little is clear: Tropical alkaloids do not have long-term effects, but consumption can have unpleasant consequences. This Temporary health problems such as nausea, drowsiness, and headaches Come.

(with material from ast/dpa)

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