Return to KAC « is in the room

Return to KAC « is in the room

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Swiss commander Rafael Herberger may return to the KAC in a year at the latest.

Of Herwig Joel | 5:50 pm, April 25, 2021

Rafael Herberger played for KAC and Red Bulls also for Salzburg © (c) Pictures of GEPA / Daniel Goetzbar

You always see each other twice in life, ”says an old saying. In the case of the new Crown Champion of the ICE League, this statement may apply more or less to the imminent new signature. Current swiss legionaire Rafael HerbergerOne with Lugano (with former VSV defender) Burnt wolf) Was ruled out in the quarter-finals against Rapperville, perhaps even returning to the KAC next season.

The 32-year-old’s contract will last until the end of the coming season, but due to a new regulation in federal ice hockey, clubs may be forced to restructure their staff this year. Austrians, even if they played offspring in Switzerland, are to be considered imports in the future. Hence some domestic cracks may soon become an issue for Austrian clubs.

At the latest in the 2022/23 season, the man from Vorarlberg, who stormed the Red Jackets from 2008 to 2013, should return to the KAC. There is officially (yet) no contact between the two sides. but: Herberger’s longtime friend now has a full teaching commitment at Klagenfurt Grammar School. This situation should speak for Klagenfurt to make a comeback in Austria and a place in Salzburg, where the striker spent four seasons, clearly behind.

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