Rising Gas, Fuel, Food Prices in Germany – BILD Helps You | Politics

Rising Gas, Fuel, Food Prices in Germany - BILD Helps You |  Politics

Germany is in the midst of an energy crisis, gas is becoming scarce, everything is getting expensive – and Federal Chancellor Olaf Scholz still sticks to German climate protection goals.

The SPD politician said in his video podcast published on Saturday, “We aim to be one of the first countries to be CO2-neutral as well as globally competitive and successful as an economic nation as an industrialized nation.” Will be.”

Relevant laws were introduced to ensure that the expansion of renewable energy eventually proceeds. “And now we will send other legislation later this year so that it works with speed,” Scholz said and reiterated the goal that the Federal Republic should be CO2-neutral by 2045.

The federal government initially failed with its plan for a comprehensive immediate climate program and initially presented a strategy only for the sub-sectors of transportation and construction.

“It is bitter that we now have to temporarily use some power plants that we have already closed because of Russia’s brutal attack on Ukraine,” Scholz said. “But this is for a very short time. Because we are really just getting started and want to do everything we can to fight the climate crisis.”

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