Robert Eder DEL Derby in front of his sons: “I have an endless dal”

Robert Eder DEL Derby in front of his sons: "I have an endless dal"

Miesbach ice hockey professionals Andreas and Tobias Eder will meet for the first time in the current DEL season. Her father Robert Eder explains how he is doing.

Sflatlach / Misbach – Teams in the German Ice Hockey League (DEL) were split into two groups in the preliminary round, with two professionals Tobias Eider (23) meeting with Dusseldorfer Eiji and Andreas Eider (25) with the Strubbing Tigers. This season is not yet over each other. Today is the first duel between the two misbakers, both of which enter the game with confidence. Andreas Eider and Strobing improved in the final few weeks of the preliminary round, with Tobias Eider and Düsseldorf beating EHC Red Bull Munich surprisingly 3–2 on Monday – with Misbacher contributing one goal and another against his former club got ready.

Father Robert Eider’s brother has a particular view of the duel. The 51-year-old lives in Schaftlach and has been a youth leader in EC Bad Tolz since 2010. In an interview, he explains how he follows his sons’ game, what suggestions he has for them, and why it was clear early on that they would both be ready for hockey.

Mr. Eider – Without Causing Family Dispute – Who Will Win Tonight? Andreas with Strabbing Tigers or Tobias with Düsseldorf EG?

I think it would be a very tight box. If both teams play like the previous few weeks, Stroubbing wins.


Both play in really good ice hockey teams. Strabbing has recently recovered and won several times. DEG, on the other hand, is a bit of an epidemic on the bat.

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How do you watch a game in which your sons play against each other?

not good at all! I have an endless pulse. Basically it is always bitter because I wish both of them victory and it inevitably turns badly for one of them. This is a really strange situation.

Robert eider

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What do you call those two before a game like this?

Nothing different than normal. Take care of yourself and take care of yourself. Of course, I do not want them to address each other.

Both also always emphasize that this is a relatively normal sport for them and it is only special when they are on ice at the same time.

I agree. You’ll want to stay, but everything in the frame. I don’t think they are going overboard. None of them are player types for this.

How can the player compare Andreas and Tobias Eider?

Both have a creative understanding of the game. Toby is somewhat of an ice hockey player, while Andy says a lot about the fight and now also about his speed.

At the moment neither of them will qualify for the playoffs. Why are they still successful in the final third of the season?

Because both play in a good team and have the will. His uncle and former trainer Heinz Grammaier (TEV striker Michael Grammier’s father, D. Redd.) Tells him that when you win, he gets in on that fun. They may be angry for a moment after a defeat, but then it has to be good.

Do you still suggest to your sons after a game?

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Not for god’s sake! I can’t play hockey at all (laughs). But we always talk on the phone after the game and of course we discuss their performance as well.

Also what is happening on the ice. What do you give your sons for life?

In theory, these are two decent people who ultimately decide on their own. But when there are reasons for the extension of the contract – or when Andy moved to Canada at the time – we talk about it. But I will take care not to give you particularly clever advice.

Both became ice hockey professionals in the highest German league. What do both bring that they are successful?

They just have a lot of fun and great ambitions. His mother used to go with him on a public run almost every day. If we as parents give them a playmobil or a toy train as a present, it can be interesting for two hours and then they are back in the garden with the racket.

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