Room for believers Bad nauheim

Room for believers  Bad nauheim

Bad Nauheim. During the renovation work on the parish church of St. Bonifatus, it is alternately massaged on Saturday evenings between the Catholic Community Center in Bad Nauheim and the Schwalheim Libfraen Chapel.

Last Saturday, for the first time, 13 believers were able to come together at Schwalheim to celebrate a holy Mass under strict hygiene measures. The last eucharistic celebration took place in early March last year as it had to be closed for several months due to an epidemic. Pastor Ruhl’s sermon was appropriate for the occasion: He spoke of Jesus, who through miraculous remedies, had become a bearer of hope for many contemporaries, a “light in the night” that he still in the figurative sense of today Was for the people. “The reopening of the Schwehlheimer Church may be such a glimpse of hope for our believers”; It says in a press release from Catholic Parish.

Because the number of participants here is limited to 16 due to hygiene measures, services at the Libfraunkepel Schalheim should be reserved for the city’s believers and neighboring districts of Rödgen, Wieselsheim and Steinforth, while services at St. The Bonifetas Community Center – the border also has 16 locations – for which the core city and the intrepid-Morlen aim.

On the other hand, the main Sunday services, which are celebrated in the auditorium of St. Lioba Gymnasium, are open to all believers who have registered for one of the 50 places established there. Johanna von Bischofshaus

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